The Purchase

Lynn found a 1992 U225 on the New Mexican border and my gut feeling was to go for it. It was more than I wanted to spend, but then again, classic thought used to be to purchase the largest house that you could afford. Could we really step up to a diesel pusher with air brakes? Well we can try.

After the initial telephone calls, came transportation. There really was no question that it would be Lynn doing the traveling and making the purchase. He had been corresponding with knowledgeable folks on the Foretravel forum, and knew where to look and for what to look. I took on the task of booking transportation.

First choice was was air travel. That quickly turned into a bust. Airliners are great if you’re going from hub to hub, but flying into the middle of no where? Bus! Savannah, GA is closer but Macon, GA eliminates a 3 hour tour of South Carolina. And I know how those 3-hour tours end up. Besides. The bus driver would be taking the same route Lynn would use to return, either on another bus or with our new home. I also suggested purchasing a nice rust free Texas automobile for the drive home if the Foretravel didn’t meet our requirements.

By Art Joly

I am a retired New England toolmaker doing his best to enjoy the last years of his life.

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