Did you hear the one about General Milley creating an invasion plan for Iran and forcing it on President Trump? As if we live in a country where the military decides who to invade next and not the Commander in Chief?

How about the one where Mr. Trump didn’t have a document in his hands because it was a big sheaf of papers?

Here’s a good one: This is the invasion plan for which the Top Secret flagged cover was found empty in Florida.

Construction papers! As if Special Prosecutor Jack Smith would have allowed the leak of this audio tape without having the corroborating witnesses locked down solid!

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Space Ship Earth is Carrying Nearly Eight Billion People.

We’re well past time to begin the active management of our climate controls.

Our quest for clean water has affected the weight and balance of our space ship.


By Aara’L Yarber

June 27, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. EDT

Humans have used enough groundwater to shift Earth’s tilt
Pumping groundwater for drinking and irrigation has had a noticeable effect on the entire planet, data show.
Many people might imagine Earth’s shape as a perfect sphere, but it’s not; it’s an oblate spheroid, with high mountains and deep ocean trenches that distribute mass unevenly and make the planet resemble a lumpy potato. The whole thing is also spinning like a top, and if you move enough mass from one place to another, the planet will wobble as it spins.

Yes, The Washington Post is alive and well inside its PayWall.
News worth reading costs money to produce.
You are the source of that money.
Pay Up Buttercup.

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The President of the United States and his Relationship to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Or: Who gets to Choose Which Country to Invade?

Recently our public discourse has veered into the ramblings of former US President Trump, in that people are trying to claim that “Our Poor Mr. Trump” is being framed by General Mark Milley. General Milley, it is said, created a plan to invade Iran and brought it to the President id est Mr. Trump EtM. That’s correct as far as it goes but any two year old after asking Why is the Sky Blue? would ask: Who asked for the plan of Iranian invasion to be produced? And the answer of course would be Mr. Trump, then acting as President of the United States. Therefore General Milley was presenting Mr. Trump with the attack plan requested by Mr. Trump.

For What It’s Worth, when Mr. Trump says in the Trump tapeTM that he had a whole sheaf of papers and not a document, a document can contain multiple pages.

Miss Rachel Maddow plays the tape and gives some explanation:

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The Fog of War

Where in the World is Vladimir Putin?

What do we know?

Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin literally marched on Moscow, Russia. Before turning away and disappearing from view. We’ve been told that Mr. Prigozhin is headed to sanctuary in Belarus with Dictator Viktor Orban. To the best of our public knowledge we know that Russian nuclear weapons were sent to Belarus by Mr. Putin for one reason or another.

President Putin’s jet aircraft has reportedly left Moscow. As in a report from Business Insider: “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plane took off from Moscow early Saturday morning, heading towards St. Petersburg before disappearing from flight tracking radar. Putin’s presidential plane left at 14:16 Moscow time, according to FlightRadar data retrieved by NEXTA.” Nexta being a Belarusian media outlet that is primarily distributed through Telegram and YouTube channels. The YouTube channel was founded by then 17-year-old student Stsiapan Putsila. The channel’s headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland, after its founder went into exile, per Wikipædia.

So we know nothing. But we can guess using the technique of plan for the worst, hope for the best that Mr. Prigozhin, creator and leader of the global Wagner Group mercenary army has headed for Belarus, remembering that the best lies contain as much truth as possible, then veering into supposition by thinking that Mr. Prigoshin is not heading into exile but towards a stash of nuclear weapons.

And just in from The Washington Post:

RIGA, Latvia — Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeniy Prigozhin resurfaced Monday for the first time since his Saturday mutiny, and declared that his motive was to save the private militia from being subsumed into the Russian military — not to topple President Vladimir Putin.

Prigozhin, who did not disclose his whereabouts, said he ordered the rebellion after Russia’s military killed 30 Wagner fighters in a missile strike on one of the militia’s camps, and he said he accepted a deal to avoid prosecution and move to Belarus because it would allow Wagner to continue its operations there.

Whatever his intentions, however, Prigozhin’s brazen revolt confronted Putin with the fiercest challenge he has faced in more than 23 years as Russia’s supreme leader, and it laid bare bitter divisions over the handling of the war in Ukraine that could have serious repercussions on the battlefield.

As always, the Washington Post lives behind a paywall because news worth reading costs money to collect and organize. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/06/26/putin-prigozhin-russia-rebellion-wagner/

Curiouser and curiouser, Art.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is so dumb . . .

How dumb is she?

Miss Greene is so dumb she can’t even ask a proper “gotcha” question.

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One Person Can Make a Difference

Leonard Leo is a name it’s quite likely you’ve never heard of before, but this one man, with the financial support of wealthy patrons is the founder of The Federalist Society, and the architect of the successful strategy to overturn Roe-vs Wade, the Supreme Court decision that gave women access to reproductive health care.

In this clip from MSNBC Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate, talks with Ali Velshi about new reporting on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s ethical lapses and how the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo is a common thread in the recent spate of Supreme Court scandals.

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Jensen TV Manual


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I Repaired Our Onan Generator’s Electronics!

When “off-grid” we rely on an Onan Emerald II 4KW generator for battery charging and 110 VAC requirements.  Typically in the winter time we run the generator 1 hour for breakfast, 1 hour for lunch and 1-2 hours in the evening for supper.  My theory is that allowing the batteries to rest in between charging cycles somehow gives me more bang for my generator run-time dollar by allowing the surface charge to work its way onto the plates.

Generator Control Panel

By no longer needing to go outside to start the generator, this little luxury turned out to be worth more to me than I thought it would at the time.

So one year ago, September 2017, hurricane Irma traversed the state of Georgia.  We chose to wait until the appropriate time and drive 100 miles perpendicular to Irma’s projected track, or Augusta, Georgia where we found safety parked snugly in between tractor trailers in a truck stop.  However when I pressed the button to summon electricity to microwave lunch nothing happened.  No emergency on our part, we used propane to cook and if necessary the chassis engine will charge the battery pack.  Being low on my priority list trouble shooting the problem sat until now, when I noticed that the governor rod was beginning to hang up where it comes out of the engine case.

Ladder Logic Schematic

This is one-half of the manual page of electric cartoons and schematics for our generator detailing the control board.

So now that the heat of summer in South East Georgia has broken it was time to begin trouble-shooting the control board.  We had run the factory test on the control board while sheltering in Augusta and found the board to have a problem, so I began by checking the ground for the board.  You can never have too good an electrical ground.  I checked and found it to be good.  So I brought the board inside and settled down for the long hard slog, board in hand and what I call the ladder logic schematic by my side.

Because I have short term memory problems the only way I can do this sort of work is to pretty much memorize the entire schematic, something I avoid as much as possible these days. But, I understand that the built in battery charger has to work because it’s part of the run circuit. If one works, the other does too. I also saw that the start contact grounded the coil for coil K4 and K3 sending power to the starter relay and the ignition system. The field flash, to kick start the alternator, comes in from normally closed contact on K2 taking power from the starting relay voltage line. That normally closed contact opens, stopping the field flash, as soon as the alternator begins generating.

Selection from Omron Data Sheet

Omron G6C 2114P Contact Details

So what I knew going in was that there was no starter line voltage going out. I also knew that if I used a jumper to trigger the starter solenoid, the engine would crank and begin running, and the generator would run as long as I held the starter switch but not generate electricity. No field flash.  The indicators point to the on-board Relay K4.  Probing with a diode tester from the pin on K4 to the output pin #7 showed open.  Testing from the blocking diode Crystal Rectifier 2 or CR2 to the pin showed a good circuit so it must be the relay.  Oh I so desperately wanted to cut open that relay with my Dremel.

After sleeping on the matter I spent some time finding the pin-out for the relay on-line and double checked what I had already accomplished.  Running all of the tests a second time with fresh eyes I realized that the relay was switching B+ to the output pin but the output pin wasn’t connected to the trace. One inch of #24 AWG wire under the board solved the problem, and saved me $129.00 because lucky for all of us running obsolete Onan Emerald II generators, Dinosaur Electronics manufactures the exact replacement control board for our Onan’s.

Dinosaur Electronics Onan Control Board O_300_4901 for the Emerald II generator.

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Yes, The System is Rigged. But not the way you think.

So. I turn 62 soon. I live on SSI and the SS has deemed me totally and permanently disabled. But SSI rules require me to apply for all forms of income that for which I am eligible.
So I move over to SS which more than doubles my income because, like, I used to earn lots of money. And my husband loses his SSI because of the increase in income. Do the math and we receive an extra $50 per month. Check the rules and that makes our income too high for Medicaid. So we lose Medicaid health insurance.
We both have heart problems.

President Obama was accused of having Death Panels.

We don’t qualify for Medicare for 3 years.

So tell me again, which party promotes death panels?

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Adversarial Debate and its Pitfalls

Rough draft, stream of conscious sort of thing.

Or what happens when you drink your own Koolaid.

I’ve been walking our dog and thinking.  I’ve been tempting southern baptists to think, but that’s only my mean side showing.  Paige Patterson, President of the Southern Baptist convention has been fired so there goes his retirement plan.

I’ve always argued the opposition.  I know that I’m not very good at learned debate so I’m pretty sure I can’t do any meaningful harm.  Sometimes I switch sides in the middle of debate when I think the opposition has a point that needs to be made.

What I’ve come to realize on my daily walks, with Duke, the Dog, is that the members of the GOP have lost sight of governance.  The members of the GOP believe that their world view is the only world view that is correct.  Out adversarial systems may not be the best way of getting things done, but until something better is proven our system is the one that works the best.

What has happened is the opposition party, this time the members of the GOP, have taken their belief system as a matter of faith and it has become their reality.  As such the members of the GOP will say or do anything to govern us by their beliefs.

So where has this gotten us?  We have a President who is patently unfit to govern.  We have a congress whose only intent is to pack our judiciary, as fast and with as many like minded individuals as humanly possible.

Under the leadership of Mr. Trump our congress has done its best to erase the ink of the previous President, to wipe all record of the previous president’s accomplishments from the face of the earth and all because President Barack Obama’s skin was dark brown.

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