Yes, The System is Rigged. But not the way you think.

So. I turn 62 soon. I live on SSI and the SS has deemed me totally and permanently disabled. But SSI rules require me to apply for all forms of income that for which I am eligible.
So I move over to SS which more than doubles my income because, like, I used to earn lots of money. And my husband loses his SSI because of the increase in income. Do the math and we receive an extra $50 per month. Check the rules and that makes our income too high for Medicaid. So we lose Medicaid health insurance.
We both have heart problems.

President Obama was accused of having Death Panels.

We don’t qualify for Medicare for 3 years.

So tell me again, which party promotes death panels?

About Art

55 years old. By training, ability and experience I am a master toolmaker. My most recent projects include designing and building a process to grind a G rotor pump shaft with four diameters and holding all four diameters within plus or minus 4 microns of nominal. This was an automated process using two centerless grinders refitted to my specifications using automatic load and unload machines plus automatic feedback gauging. I also designed and built an inspection machine to check for the presence and size of a straight knurl on a hinge pin using a vision system for non-contact gauging.
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