The President of the United States and his Relationship to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Or: Who gets to Choose Which Country to Invade?

Recently our public discourse has veered into the ramblings of former US President Trump, in that people are trying to claim that “Our Poor Mr. Trump” is being framed by General Mark Milley. General Milley, it is said, created a plan to invade Iran and brought it to the President id est Mr. Trump EtM. That’s correct as far as it goes but any two year old after asking Why is the Sky Blue? would ask: Who asked for the plan of Iranian invasion to be produced? And the answer of course would be Mr. Trump, then acting as President of the United States. Therefore General Milley was presenting Mr. Trump with the attack plan requested by Mr. Trump.

For What It’s Worth, when Mr. Trump says in the Trump tapeTM that he had a whole sheaf of papers and not a document, a document can contain multiple pages.

Miss Rachel Maddow plays the tape and gives some explanation:

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