Lynn went partly because I’m an Asperger’s Syndrome adult. As such I don’t respond well to being told lies. So if I ask you if a wire transfer to your bank is acceptable to you do not, do not, do not, say yes if you do not know what a wire transfer entails. I am paying what I consider a hefty bank fee for the speed of what is essentially a computerized transaction between two banks. Unless of course you now live in the rural south where banks still return your paper checks with your bank statement. Then you find out that your local bank uses an affiliate account with a larger bank for their wire transfers.

So I have the privilege of dealing with a surprise on my end. I do not need to be instructing you on the mechanics of wire transfers. But that is all on the past, the seller has his money and Lynn has moved into our new home. What? Did you think we wold allow it to sit unattended on his lot once we paid for it? Think again bucko.

Now comes the paperwork. Now Texas is a nice conservative state, but I’ve learned over the years that conservative is shorthand for “as long as I don’t have to pay for it” and as such I do my best to avoid paying any more than I must. All I asked was to have the paperwork over-nighted to me and I would take care of the paperwork and overnight a valid registration and tag in return. All I wanted to pay was the Georgia tax on imported vehicles.

Lynn had other ideas. So he jumped through the hoops for a Texas title, and temporary travel permit that was route and time limited. Just what I want when driving a 27 year old vehicle of relatively unknown provenance 1,400 miles. I have no problem traveling long distances in antique vehicles, and I expect to reach my destination. Setting a day and time for arrival on the other hand is, shall we say, daring?

By Art Joly

I am a retired New England toolmaker doing his best to enjoy the last years of his life.

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