Lynn Shackelford’s 1970 Dodge R/T Convertible

From the February 2012 issue of MOPAR
Collector’s Guide and On the Front Cover
“Last ’70 Promo Challenger

This car was made to disappear by Paul Doolittle of Derry, NH during a
business dispute and Lynn Shackelford the owner for the past 30 years never sold
the car to anyone.

The following description of the car could have been
written by Lynn himself only it wasn’t.

Lynn’s missing car has finally surfaced. I knew it would as there aren’t too many of these around and this is the nicest, cleanest original one of the lot.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible

440 6-Pack

V.I.N. JS27VCB100421

All Original

Just like it says here:

And this is the page I made up the day Lynn was told by a potential buyer that he Lynn didn’t really own the car and was nothing but a scammer.

Lynn’s beloved all original Dodge Challenger 440 6-Pack Convertible was stolen from him and he wants it back.

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