The Donald, What Can Go Wrong?

So The Donald, as New York City natives refer derisively to Mr. Donald Trump, the Presidential hopeful has extended his hate speech to include all people who practice the Islam religion.
Conservative talk show hosts are upset over The Philadelphia Daily News evoking Nazi imagery on its front page Tuesday (8 DEC) with a tight profile shot of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, right arm extended up and out at a 45-degree angle. The Philly tabloid went with “The New Furor.”

What is the difference between the people who practice Islam and Judaism? Nothing. Except that 75 years ago the German people created a sophisticated system for killing human beings and used that system ruthlessly to try an exterminate an entire group of religious people. Period.

Don’t kid yourself with “that was then, and this is now.” People are people and we never change from one generation to the next. All we do consistently well is fail to learn from our past mistakes.

Ever since the run up to the year 2000 elections one political party in this country has focused its efforts on hatred and division. The members of the Grand Old Party of the Republic have consistently done their best to deny their opposition the ability to govern with the philosophy that all government is bad government. A side effect of all of this has been the growth of a group of small minded hate-filled people who “have theirs” and to hell with the rest of you. Members of the GOP want nothing more than to have a free ride, refusing to pay their fair share for living in a country with orderly changes of government and a well regulated society. Even the thought of government regulation is antithetical to them. Until the members of the GOP are faced with life without government protection.

I’ve wandered astray from the historical similarity I originally want to point out to you.

Pre-War Germany was really no different than the times we now live in. There was no evil supernatural leader there were only politicians doing their best to lead their country in the direction the political party and the people thought was best for all. That it was all to end in world-wide horror at what had been done to innocent people wasn’t clear at the beginning.

But if we look in the rear view mirror of history we can see politicians vilifying choice groups of citizens with their demagoguery, as a means to a political end, maybe not even seeing what horrors those self serving politicians were to bring on not only those people chosen as easy targets but the entire world.

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