5 August 2011 the Third Anniversary of the Theft of Lynn’s Challenger

Proof of Life photo, as though a kidnapper was demonstrating that the victim was still alive.  In this case, this was the last time Lynn saw his car before it was stolen from him.

Proof of Life photo, as though a kidnapper was demonstrating that the victim was still alive. In this case, this was the last time Lynn saw his car before it was stolen from him.

On this day in 2011 Lynn was on the telephone with people who were interested, qualified potential purchasers of his 1970 Dodge Challenger when he was told that he was a fraud and that he really didn’t own the car he had cherished for nearly thirty years. Lynn didn’t know what to do. The only thing that I could think of was to race to Paul Doolittle’s farm in Derry, New Hampshire and take these photographs. It was the only way that I could think of at the time to show that Lynn existed and that he owned the car. I read a lot of spy novels.

Shortly after I took this photo, shortly after Lynn was told that he was a fraud and a scammer and not the real owner of his car Paul and Matt Doolittle “removed the car to an undisclosed location” as so politely phrased by Jerry Sterling another player in this drama. If you want to see some of the on-line discussion from 2011 centered on Lynn’s work on selling his car look here.here.

The Day of the Telephone Call

The Day of the Telephone Call

The Why so rare? page is one I created with my then 20 year old software on my original Art’s Attic web site. The bottom line on why this production car is worth so much money and is so desirable is its serial number. This car is one of seven cars manufactured on the first day of production, complete with all of the first day corrections necessary to make parts fit. It is also one of the seven cars that Chrysler Corporation ordered for itself to be used a promotional cars across the country for Chrysler’s new “Pony” car.

Paul and Matt and Jerry maintained that they collectively “needed to take charge” and were therefore justified in their theft and sale of Lynn’s rare and much loved automobile. But here is the first post by Lynn Shackelford on the Cuda-Challenger forum:

Due to lack of local interest I will offer my Challenger for sale that I have owned since 78. JS27V0B1004XX. Its one of the “promo” or “show” cars Chrysler made on day one production. Still in its original paint. Bought it in Calif in 78. Moved to the N.E. 20 years ago and have not had much time to drive it (Did drive it cross country) last time on the road was 3/4 years ago.
This is a red (fe5) on red car with all the goodies on it. 440 six pack/4speed/4:10 Dana 60 super track pack option. Engine was rebuilt about 30K back and is still tight. Harden seats in the head. I will get some photos up soon as I do not have a photo spread of it like you would want to see it if you are looking to buy. Years ago I use to take it to English town but it was to much of a pain dealing with people who would track me down to New Hampshire with offers. Please PM me with your offers-I do have a price in mind and the first person that gets to it will have a sale-this is not a auction and I will not sell to the highest bidder, just the first one to hit my number-which is not that high but is over 100K and less that 200K. If you do not live to far and will pay for the gas and bus back I can drive it to you. Body is very good-interior is burnt but I do have a new one waiting to go in. I am the second owner of this car.
email sixpacktogo2003@yahoo.com

photo link: http://www.arts-attic.com/automobile…challenger.htm

End of Cuda-Challenger Forum Post.

We lost our house on 5 July 2011 for back condo fees — our mortgage was up to date but there was a limited amount of money to work with and in August 2011 I was only 8 months into the healing process for a hemi-arthroplasty, that is the replacement of the head of the humerous in my right arm with a steel device do to damage from a previous accident. So I was still limited in what I could physically do. Plus I was still dealing with the aftermath of a small stroke. For what it’s worth I’m now 100% disabled. At the time I was doing the best I could. If I had any money at that time a lawyer could have put a stop to this theft. As it was, under the guise of friendship and fellowship the contents of our home including all of our business records were added to the stash at Paul Doolittle’s Sunpoint Farm and Jerry Sterling’s River Bend farm where essential documents proving ownership of Lynn’s car collection including Challenger # 421 were removed from our control.

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