Lynn and his Challenger, August 24, 2011

Lynn was seriously working to sell his beloved Dodge Challenger. He new that it wouldn’t take long, Lynn knew and does know that he owned the last undiscovered Dodge Challenger factory promotion car.

Here’s where he advertised:

And here’s his ad:

Due to lack of local interest I will offer my Challenger for sale that I have owned since 78. JS27V0B1004XX. Its one of the “promo” or “show” cars Chrysler made on day one production. Still in its original paint. Bought it in Calif in 78. Moved to the N.E. 20 years ago and have not had much time to drive it (Did drive it cross country) last time on the road was 3/4 years ago.
This is a red (fe5) on red car with all the goodies on it. 440 six pack/4speed/4:10 Dana 60 super track pack option. Engine was rebuilt about 30K back and is still tight. Harden seats in the head. I will get some photos up soon as I do not have a photo spread of it like you would want to see it if you are looking to buy. Years ago I use to take it to English town but it was to much of a pain dealing with people who would track me down to New Hampshire with offers. Please PM me with your offers-I do have a price in mind and the first person that gets to it will have a sale-this is not a auction and I will not sell to the highest bidder, just the first one to hit my number-which is not that high but is over 100K and less that 200K. If you do not live to far and will pay for the gas and bus back I can drive it to you. Body is very good-interior is burnt but I do have a new one waiting to go in. I am the second owner of this car.

photo link:…challenger.htm

And now we get to the good stuff. Paul Doolittle really went too far this time. He seems to have a life-long habit of taking other people for a ride for fun and profit but this time he went too far. This is theft on a large scale that I’m talking about here. This is fraud, this is providing false information to the Derry, NH police department. All because he wouldn’t believe how much Lynn Shackelford’s stuff, including is collection of cars, was really worth.

Because of Paul’s “help” we lost our house and Lynn grudgingly admitted that he needed to part with his beloved 1970 Dodge Challenger and he began to advertise. I was told by Paul Doolittle that I didn’t know what I was doing and “experts” had assured him that my efforts wouldn’t be noticed. Well, open another tab, open another window and Google, Art Joly, Lynn Shackelford, Lynn Andrew Shackelford, or Lynn’s Challenger and this matter will pop up on the first page. People are looking. So much for Paul Doolittle’s “experts.”

This is a simple matter really. Mike Mancini is crooked, as is Paul Doolittle. Paul conned the Derry, NH police department so the police didn’t take Lynn seriously when Lynn reported his Challenger as being stolen. As the theft was taking place.

It’s pretty simple really. Lynn’s Challenger is a stolen car. Lynn didn’t sell it to anyone.

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