Paul Doolittle is Staying True to Form

Ever since Paul Doolittle engineered the theft and sale of Lynn Shackelford’s prize possession, his 1970 Dodge Challenger factory show car I have maintained that Paul used psychological duress to force Lynn to sign a Bill of Sale for far less that his car’s true value.
Paul has contacted our employers several times threatening action if our positions are not terminated. Today this has come to pass. The Board of Directors of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester, New Hampshire told us that they have unanimously decided to terminate our employment because we refuse to stop pursuing justice from Paul Doolittle.
To be fair to these fine upstanding people, they gave us several chances to do as they say. The first chance was to enter into a formal dispute resolution process. We agreed on Wednesday 30 January 2013. Paul Doolittle then contacted Michael Mancini of Mike Mancini’s American Muscle Car Restoration, Inc. with the response from Mr.Mancini to Paul Doolittle on 1 February 2013 “I’m not putting up with this bull. “You can tell the church to expect a lawsuit coming unless this matter is handled immediately. Harm has already been done.”
Since the letter from Michael Mancini to Paul Doolittle begins with “Hi Paul, thanks for the info.” and ends with the threat of a lawsuit against the church I’m pretty certain that this is more of Paul’s work to pressure us to drop this matter. We lost everything thanks to Paul Doolittle. Paul lied to us to get us to move our stuff onto his property. Stole the most valuable thing Lynn owned so Paul could line his own pockets then sent the rest including Lynn’s brother Dan’s earthly remains to the dump.
Michael Mancini should be suing Paul Doolittle and his son Matthew Doolittle for fraud. But then again I was advertising Lynn’s car at $250,000 on-line, Lynn was negotiating with three people at $100,000 trying for $125,000 so buying Lynn’s exceedingly rare, incredibly valuable collectible car from Paul for only $40,000 must have seemed like a bargain at to Michael Mancini.

View a scan of the e-mail from Michael Mancini to Paul Doolittle here.
Oh, Mike? It’s spelled view, viewed not vued.

Learn more about Lynn’s one of seven produced Dodge Challenger:

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