What happened to Lynn Shackelford’s Dodge Challenger V.I.N. JS27V0B100421

I’ve finally pieced together what happened to us the summer of 2011 and reduced to its simplest form here it is.

In 2010 Mecum Auctions sold a restored 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 Six Pack R/t Convertible. The only problem with that car is Chrysler’s Dodge division didn’t build it with that serial number because Lynn Shackelford’s challenger was sitting in a storage lot, the Stop ‘n Store It on Sheep Davis Road in Pembroke, NH.

That there were two Challengers with the same V.I.N. number became known when Lynn began offering his car for sale.

Along the way to this truth I found a company that makes reproduction build sheets and after some conversation we found that the build sheet guy, ECS had been scammed too after a reproduction build sheet he’d created was presented as the real thing.

So with a couple of the professional restorer’s reputation on the line, if not their freedom, there was money floating around to fix their problem. But like me, Lynn loves cars and in particular he loves that Challenger so He wasn’t inclined to sell if for money if all it was going to do was disappear.

And as Paul Harvey would say, that’s the rest of the story.

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