The Next Day

I did a walk around while Lynn slept in this morning, and the only disappointment I had was damage to the fiberglass bay doors on the passenger side. The first door, the door for the propane and diesel needs to be replaced. Well, it could be “repaired” but I’d rather see if I can lay up a new door. Makes me feel useful.

After breakfast Lynn took me out to show off where he had been living for the past week. Wow! The interior was mint! The layout was a good as I hoped after looking at the FTX. Lynn was happy that the bathroom had good light, in fact at first I thought the interior light was on it was so bright inside. This bed I could shuffle around so re-doing the covers is easier. And the cedar wardrobe is everything I hoped for, a place to hang stuff and a shelf for white goods. Everything works except for the refrigerator but we knew that going in. I mean what is the difference between a 27 year old Dometic that has a cooling unit of undetermined patency or a dead Dometic that needs a new cooling unit? Easy. A brand new cooling unit is easy to install and brings peace of mind and improved performance. And it was going to happen sooner or later.

And I got to drive our new home. Well, I backed it out into the driveway and backed it into our space.

By Art Joly

I am a retired New England toolmaker doing his best to enjoy the last years of his life.

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