The Arrival

Knowing Lynn as well as I do, I could tell that he was pushing himself to arrive home even so Duke, the Dog and I retired at 11:00 PM. Shortly after midnight I heard the rumble of a diesel image, the sound of air brakes being set fo the night, lights through the windshield of the Rockwood and a sleepy dog barking at this apparition. Lynn waving from one rig to another. You know the drill, all arms and elbows, pants, shirt, shoes, leash, cane, door lock and try not to fall on my face on the way out the door. Duke, the Dog nearly pulled me over as he spied with his nose and eyes our nosy neighbor eyeing the lack of a license plate and trying not to be seen.

Lynn insisted on giving us a quick tour before I hustled him into the warmth of the Rockwood and a glass of milk before putting him down for the night.

By Art Joly

I am a retired New England toolmaker doing his best to enjoy the last years of his life.

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