My Contempt for the NH Supreme Court

Felony Conviction and Conflict of Interest.

Felony Convictions and Conflict of Interest by Officers of the Court

I found out the hard way that it ain’t too difficult to be convicted of a serious felony in the state of New Hampshire. All you really need are three people testifying against you, no witnesses on your side and you’re gone. You don’t need to commit a crime, no physical proof is required only good witnesses. Living in a state that is perpetually strapped for cash I found out that the Public Defenders Office can bill the client after the client (me) is found guilty. That ain’t
an incentive to bring your “A” game to the table. I think it’s more of a disincentive to do your best. As a lawyer you can choose to get paid out of the tiny shrinking state budget or convince your client to plead guilty and bill your client for your time.

It’s been a decade and a half and I’ve kept my mouth shut but JP Morgan Chase is taking everything I worked and I don’t have the kind of money it takes to fight them so I
feel I have nothing to lose by telling the truth here in open sunshine.

The other side of the coin is illustrated by the letter on the right but you’ll need some background information first.

This is an image of the letter I received from the NH Supreme Court

We be O-Kay! No Harm, No Foul.

The trial judge was Douglas Gray, the public defender was Nancy Gray and the Prosecutor was Robert Ducharme. Never mind that I was in a state of shock through this whole affair since I’d always worked hard for my living, kept my nose clean and my only interaction with the justice system was mailing in on rare occasions the money for a speeding ticket. I barely noticed the triple coincidence regarding the names.

At the time I was fully employed, and in my free time I was working as president of the condo board for my home, King Richards Condominium. The condominium association had problems I should have found before I bought in, but my due diligence consisted of taking the real estate salesman at his word. I wish I had sued the real estate agent for lying to me and moved elsewhere. The condo association was bankrupt, and the buildings infested with termites and in need
of capital improvements, new roofs, siding, and drainage issues. And there was no money set aside for repairs. Heck the condo board couldn’t even pay the utility bills. I tackled all the major problems, solved those problems and made enemies along the way. The management company Evergreen Management was created and owned by the Ducharme family, wasn’t happy that I insisted on quotes from outside contractors and I didn’t rely on the Ducharme’s short list of approved vendors.
Evergreen Realty was William, Tom and Robert Ducharme with legal advice coming from Robert Ducharme. While I was sitting in the county jail with time on my hands I started asking around and I found out that the Rockingham County prosecuting attorney, was Robert Ducharme the brother of William and Tom, a pair of men that I had regular financial battles with as president of King Richard Condominium. I was costing the Ducharme brothers profit with my insistence on quotes from outside contractors as I fulfilled my fiduciary duties to the owners of King Richard Condominium. What a great way to discredit me and get me out of the picture!

I filed a complaint with the professional conduct committee and they wrote telling me they found nothing wrong with Robert Ducharme’s actions and included the warning that I’d be held in contempt of court if I told anyone of their decision. I was saddened but not surprised by this point. We have the best justice system that money can buy in this country.

This is a rough first draft and will be re-written and edited for clarity. This is a true account of events.

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