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1970 440-6 Challenger RT Convertible V.I.N. JS27V0B100421

I’ve put this page together because Lynn’s car has been stolen from him.…nger/proof.htm

If you see this car, know that whoever claims ownership does not own this car.

The Bill of Sale from Lynn Shackelford is bogus.

Lynn was trying to sell his car when Paul Doolittle of Derry, NH proclaimed
himself the owner. I ran a seriously pissed off Lynn Shackelford down to his car and took these photographs to
show Lynn and his car together because I was beginning to see Paul Doolittle’s true
nature. Soon after I took these photographs Paul removed Lynn’s car to an, as
Paul put it so delicately, “undisclosed location.” That’s car theft
to any reasonable person. Lynn hasn’t seen his car since.

Challenger 6pak said: What are the authorities doing about it?

74 Challanger said: Thats messed up,I hope Lynn gets it back. Dont know whats worse my car was stolen and never seen it again.Kicker is my x-brother inlaw had something to do with it.

I posted: Authorities?

Paul was able to smooth talk the Derry, NH police in some manner that the police wouldn’t take a stolen car report from Lynn. It helps that Paul D. owns one of the last land grant farms in New Hampshire. Lynn’s owned that car for nearly 30 years, kept it original and wants it back. We were asked to leave a cruise might in Worcester, MA one night because some guy with a $7,500 paint job didn’t want his car parked next to “a car with the sun burnt interior.” Lynn took half the cruise night with him when he left because the other car owners were incredulous that a car with this pedigree would be asked to leave because the paint was worn through on the sharp edges and the plastic was sunburn’t from its life in California. I pissed paint job off by responding to his “I got $7,500 invested in this car” with, “I’m sorry.”

challenger6pak reiterated: Right now I see a puzzle; but not all the pieces. How and why did Paul get the car? What is his paperwork trail that makes him feel the car is his. He had to show something to make this more of a civil matter than a legal matter.

I first responded to 74 challenger with: It’s harder to make a car disappear when the car is question is one of the original promotional cars.

and I responded to challenger6pak with: Paul didn’t have a paperwork trail. He took possession of the car with a trailer and a barn in an undisclosed location and presented himself as the owner of JS27V0B100421. Lynn was dealing with several people at that time trying to find the right buyer for his car, when each of those people told Lynn that “You don’t own that car, you’re just a scammer.” Funny, but Lynn had that vanity plate 6PK2GO registered to that car in Lynn’s name.

whereas challanger6pak pressed for more information: You still didn’t answer my question. If I pulled up to your place and loaded a car on my trailer that was yours, the police would arrest me unless I could show them something that proved I was the owner. How has he presented himself as the owner? You took pics with the car because you knew he was going to do something. Obviously there had been some type of contact before he loaded the car up and left with it.

and I responded with my dirty laundry: I had a great motorcycle accident in 2007 when an oncoming car turned across my travel lane and stopped. I managed to leave 17 feet of brake stripe, measured, before the point of collision and most of me went over the car. Needless to say I broke a lot of stuff important to me. Not too long after this Lynn accepted an offer of financial help from Paul to pay for storage fees until I could get back on my feet. This ended up being some $16,000 at the end and Paul suggested moving our stuff to his farm in Derry, NH where he would set up a small warehouse in his converted chicken coop with internet access where I could work selling our stuff. We had some choice pieces of amateur radio gear to sell, to give an example we had a very nice National HRO 60 with a complete set of coils, and a rack mount Collins 75A4. Both of these are high end vacuum tube amateur radio receivers. I sold the HRO for $800 from another location but Paul banned us from his property before I could sell the Collins. Lynn sold his 1960 Pontiac Bonneville convertible project car for $5,000 cash, which I gave to Paul on the $16,000 Lynn owed him. Lynn had previously sold his 1936 Plymouth for $2,500 and still owned a 1954 Plymouth Plaza wagon that had belonged to his grandfather, a 1964 Plymouth Valiant convertible with the 225-6 and the factory 4-speed option not to mention a 1966 Plymouth Valiant wagon with the 273 V-8 and factory air-conditioning. All of these are easy restoration projects but the Valiant convertible and the Plaza wagon were road-able with little more than a brake job.

Unfortunately when Paul’s son Matt went on the internet and found out what the Challenger was really worth all plans changed. Paul began his “let’s have a meeting” phase where the rules for our business arrangement changed on a daily basis. All Paul focused on now was selling Lynn’s Challenger. After Paul started representing himself as the owner of Lynn’s Challenger Lynn went to the police and the Derry, NH police had a talk with Paul. I took the pictures of Lynn with his car and Paul banned us from his property. Paul then removed the car from his property to, as Paul so delicately put it, “an undisclosed location” where he sold Lynn’s Challenger. There were no legal proceeding, there were no court orders, just unabashed theft.

There is a lot of he said, he said involved here but the single most important fact is Paul Doolittle of Derry, NH removed Lynn’s car from Lynn’s possession without benefit of due process and sold Lynn’s car without Lynn’s permission or the legal right to do so. that’s theft and for a car this valuable this is theft on a huge scale.

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55 years old. By training, ability and experience I am a master toolmaker. My most recent projects include designing and building a process to grind a G rotor pump shaft with four diameters and holding all four diameters within plus or minus 4 microns of nominal. This was an automated process using two centerless grinders refitted to my specifications using automatic load and unload machines plus automatic feedback gauging. I also designed and built an inspection machine to check for the presence and size of a straight knurl on a hinge pin using a vision system for non-contact gauging.
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