Harbor Freight in Savannah, Georgia

Never mind that this was the first long trip in two years for the Ford van, and there was an unexpected accumulation of dead leaves in the heater box. The fire never progressed beyond dense smoke so it could have been worse.

When you clean up the extended maxi-van, clean out the extended maxi-van, plan a two hour drive to Savannah, GA yes you call ahead. When you ask “Do you have the greenhouse?, The temporary garage? The folding chop saw stand? and the answer is yes, yes and yes, you’d think the merchandise would be in stock when you arrive.

That’s what I thought. Would you believe that this Harbor Freight location sold 26 portable garages that morning before we arrived? I don’t.

Never mind the checkout clerk that couldn’t handle my Harbor Freight coupons. I mean, seriously! We go to Harbor Freight for the inexpensive stuff so we can use the coupons!

Have a nice day.

About Art

55 years old. By training, ability and experience I am a master toolmaker. My most recent projects include designing and building a process to grind a G rotor pump shaft with four diameters and holding all four diameters within plus or minus 4 microns of nominal. This was an automated process using two centerless grinders refitted to my specifications using automatic load and unload machines plus automatic feedback gauging. I also designed and built an inspection machine to check for the presence and size of a straight knurl on a hinge pin using a vision system for non-contact gauging.
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