The Hunting Club LGBT Campground is Back Folks!

The owner has completed enough of his renovations to allowe us to put The Hunting Club’s web site back on-line.

Squirrel on a squirrel proof bird feeder

We have completely re-imagined the web site and you should consider this web site a work in progress for the foreseeable future.

The Hunting Club

The man-made fishing pond at The Hunting Club

About Art

55 years old. By training, ability and experience I am a master toolmaker. My most recent projects include designing and building a process to grind a G rotor pump shaft with four diameters and holding all four diameters within plus or minus 4 microns of nominal. This was an automated process using two centerless grinders refitted to my specifications using automatic load and unload machines plus automatic feedback gauging. I also designed and built an inspection machine to check for the presence and size of a straight knurl on a hinge pin using a vision system for non-contact gauging.
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