What is an Unrestored Automobile Worth?

My particular passion, my peculiar passion revolves around cars that use steam to make the wheels go around. So today I was taking a look at a British steam car web site and found this ad from of all places, the USA:

1910 Stanley Model 60

Picture of a very nice, unrestored 1910 Stanley

Mike May's Beautiful Original 1910 Stanley

Click here for more pictures.
This is the first time I have advertised the car since I have owned it. To my knowledge this is one of the very few Stanley cars left in completely original condition. A consideration of what a person wants in a Stanley will determine their decision on what to pay for a given car. I have owned several Stanley cars over the years and I know there are very few that are as the factory shipped them. If that is not a consideration, there are cars available that have been built up as Stanley cars, but many are not true to the detail of original examples. Because of this, I feel that an original wooden body car has the value of a restored car. This is becoming more and more the case, at least here in the U.S., with all types of collector cars. Based on these considerations, I am asking $120,000.
There have been several similar models of Stanley cars sold here in the U.S. for higher prices in recent times, and I feel this is a fair price for this car at the current time.
If you have interest or know anyone who does, I appreciate the reference.

For further information, Please Contact
Mike May,
Enquiries by e-mail to mkmay@alldial.net

You’ll find this ad about half way down this forsale page at Steamcar.net.

So what is the real value of a drivable, unrestored 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 6-Pack R/T convertible? The last one sold for a price in excess on one-half million dollars. Paul Doolittle was happy to sell Lynn’s Challenger for considerably less. Too bad for Paul and whoever has the car now Lynn didn’t voluntarily sign the Bill of Sale.

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