More Information on V.I.N. JS27V0B100421 By 6PK2GO aka Lynn Shackelford

More Information on V.I.N. JS27V0B100421 By 6PK2GO aka Lynn Shackelford, the Owner.
ECS said:

If you recall this was the vehicle that Mike Mancini contacted me to have a Broadcast sheet made for. He told me they only wanted to use for display purposes with the car because the original owner couldn’t find the “real” one at that particular time. Well low & behold, the original one was miraculously found AFTER Mike had received the one I made. What’s odd about that scenario was the copy that I made ended up being displayed on eBay as the “original” one that came with the car. The Engine block also had suspicious font stampings for the time period in which it was built. Here is a link to that thread for those who missed it.…1351#msg861351

Dodge Bros. II clarifies:
I’m talking about Lynn Shackelfords’s car 6PK2GO V.I.N. JS27VCB100421 an all original first day of production special handling car built for display at Dodge dealers across the country along with six others just like it. In a remarkable coincidence to the car you describe in your build-sheet thread, 6PK2GO does not have a numbers matching engine. The original engine suffered a terminal rod through the side of the block failure and was replaced with an engine from a 1970 Dodge Monaco Lynn re-built at Hemi’s and used Bryant Racing Engines for the machine work. Both companies in Orange, California. The engine was built up with 6-pack rods, purple camshaft and Rhodes lifters. Hardened valve seats were installed in the heads with a triple angle cut along with mild porting and polishing. I can tell you from experience that the engine revved smoothly to 8K with no sign of wanting to slow down.…uild_sheet.jpg

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